Chris Gentes is an artist, musician and writer. He is currently writing a book a month for the year 2020. This ‘alt lit’ series started with The Two Week Book, written during the first two weeks of January 2020. It is about ghosts and synchronicities. In February he wrote Alt Lit Now!, which is mostly about the creative writing process. In March Chris penned a novella entitled The Door in the Woods which takes place in a fictional Oregon town where Emma, minding her uncle’s esoteric bookshop for the summer, encounters the strange cultural landscape of the Birds of Mars. Ghost Town, written in April during the height of the coronavirus epidemic contains drawings, synchronicities, and observations. Coffee Coffee which will be released in June, 2020.

Each book in this ‘alt lit’ series has a collectible first edition run of fifty copies; they are put together by hand by the author.  Inquiries: chrisgentesart @ gmail.com

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Books by Chris Gentes

The Birds of Mars Reader

01 The Two Week Book Free PDF click to download
02 Alt Lit Now!
03 The Door in the Woods
04 Ghost Town
05 Coffee Coffee (release date June 2020)

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