Birds of Mars Digest Number Seven (Apr-Oct 2021)

The first digital edition of the Birds of Mars Digest. Contents include The History of the Birds of Mars Digest, The 8 by 10 Series of paintings [01-24], the 12×12″ series of paintings [01-37], and City Collaboration (2013) with Sam Gas Can.

click to download/view-PDF file


I am currently (Fall 2021) working in acrylic 8×10 inch canvas, primarily scenes of Northampton.
Click to view.

Birds of Mars 

Birds of Mars seeks Vocalist(s)…
…for future projects involving music for the soundtrack to the film “Falling”—now in the planning stages.
Listen to the music and look at the lyrics (links below).
If after listening you think this is a project that you might like to audition for, send an email of introduction to Chris at chrisgentesart AT
0:00 Falling
5:30 Midnight Song
9:58 Go My Way
13:40 At First They Love You
17:06 Back in the Old Town
20:26 ’65 Chevy
23:23 London Town
26:27 Bring You Flowers
28:43 Dreaming By Now

Link to PDF of Birds of Mars Falling Lyrics & Chords


 The Birds of Mars Reader (2019). Documents the creation of a series of paintings and various activities related to a 2019 Birds of Mars performance.

The “Alt Lit Library” (2020):  The Two Week Book, Alt Lit Now!, The Door in the Woods, Ghost Town, Coffee Coffee, Movieland, and Seven Movie Scripts.

The Birds of Mars Digest (2020-present): An occasional publication of poetry, prose, art and other arts related activity, primarily revolving around Chris’ recent artistic activity.  The most recent issue (Number Six-Spring 2021) includes poetry by Rufus Chaffee, Julia Adamo, Sage Meadow and Tommy Twilite. 

Unpublished:: Writing About Writing, More Writing About Writing, Welcome to Synchro CityDreams, The Lost Codas.

Of Interest…

I recently found this phone ‘interview’ I conducted with Paul Laffoley back in 1997. It was for an article I wrote about some of his ufo experiences. Paul talks about a medallion his parent’s gardener gave him when he was 7 and how it was stolen in Paris in 1967.

Past Art

Click here for 2020.

Click for more Birds of Mars

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