Chris Gentes is an artist, writer, musician, and filmmaker. 


I am currently working in acrylic on 12×12 inch stretched canvas. 

batman and robin

Batman & Robin (2021). 12×12 inches. Acrylic on Canvas.  $500.00

click for all 2021 Paintings

Birds of Mars Digest

The Birds of Mars Digest is a quarterly publication of poetry, prose, art and other arts related activity, primarily revolving around Chris’ recent artistic activity.  The most recent issue (Number Six) includes poetry by Rufus Chaffee, Julia Adamo, Sage Meadow and Tommy Twilite. 

The next issue (Summer 2021) will include a catalog of all art created by Chris in the past twenty-five years. 
The Fall issue will include the results of a writing experiment begun in May.

Birds of Mars

Birds of Mars is a performance group formed in 2016. 

Click for more Birds of Mars


In February 2019, Chris began a daily routine of writing 5000 words. By May he had written four manuscripts: Writing About Writing, More Writing About Writing, Welcome to Synchro City, and Dreams.

In the fall of 2019 Chris wrote and published The Birds of Mars Reader which documented the creation of a series of paintings and various activities related to an upcoming Birds of Mars performance.

The following seven books were written and published one-a-month in 2020. They are collectively known as the “Alt Lit Library”: The Two Week Book, Alt Lit Now!, The Door in the Woods, Ghost Town, Coffee Coffee, Movieland, and Seven Movie Scripts.

Past Art

Click here for 2020.

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