Link to 2020 Art Index

Birds of Mars Digest
September 2020
Number One

The first issue of the Birds of Mars Digest is now available at this link.

Birds of Mars Digest. A monthly collection of art, short fiction, commentary and screenplays.

Birds of Mars Sunday Night Rushes

A weekly streamed event with live musical accompaniment. Includes the latest footage from filmmaking. Sunday evenings, usually from 6 to 9, but may vary due to technology lapses.

The Alt Lit Library
Seven books written in seven months–subjects including synchronicities, writing process, ghosts, quitting coffee, storytelling, creative writing, and metaphysics. Edition of fifty. Purchase here.


Click for the Chris Gentes Gift Shop

Books by Chris Gentes

The Birds of Mars Reader (2019)

The Alt Lit Library (2020)
01 The Two Week Book Free PDF click to download
02 Alt Lit Now!
03 The Door in the Woods
04 Ghost Town
05 Coffee Coffee
06 Movieland
07 Seven Movie Scripts

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