2023 Woodstar Cafe Artworks

This page includes images and information related to artworks created as part of the ongoing 2023 Woodstar Cafe series. The Woodstar Cafe, located on Masonic Street in the old Firehouse, is one of my favorite places in town. Their mission is to “increase joy through pure, handmade foods and kind service.” What is not to love?

For this ongoing exhibition of new artworks the Woodstar has generously let me display art in the recently added small alcove room. If interested in purchasing an artwork, please contact me directly, via email, at chrisgentes@gmail.com or call/text me at 413 588-1040

10% of all proceeds from art sales to be donated to the Northampton Survival Center, a food pantry serving Hampshire County since 1979. The offices of the Survival Center are decorated by some of the prints from a show I had at the Woodstar in 2011. I feel a close affinity to the mission and spirit of their organization.

Acrylic Paintings

1. “Spring is Coming” 11×14 inches. Acrylic on board. $250.00

2. “Woodstar Sign” 14×11 inches. Acrylic on board. $250.00

Related Artwork

8.5×11 inches, pen and/or pencil on paper.
2022 (ten drawings)
2023 (five drawings to date)

Small Paintings
5×7 inches, Acrylic on canvas board.
These small works are created using stencils as well as free-hand painting.

Last updated January 24, 2023

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